A Word To The Wise!

Please be advised… LIMITED PRE SALE TIX AT $50.00 AVAILBE UNTIL 3/31 Tickets go up to $60.00 online Tickets at the door will be $75.00

The GWB Ball Pre-Glam

ATTENTION LADIES! Introducing the first ever GWB BALL PRE-GLAM by makeup artist Sambi Alieu! Book your reservations today for that make up look you’ve been dying to debut! Get all your info [...]

ONE Sierra Leone: The People

Mama birthed me The sound of her labor echoed From Koinadugu to Yengema Akin to Kora strings tapped by her fingers The sounds of the drums beat daily dinka-din-wass-oulou-man-di-kinda-kin Malian [...]

ONE Sierra Leone: The people

Mama Birthed me Along the east end of Freetown right around Fourah Bay She oiled the bends of my elbows with Yoruba And made certain that my knees always settled eastward back to my roots She [...]


Model Highlight: Ishmail Alghali. All it takes is passion and a “just do it” attitude. What started off as just taking images and video footage at community and family events, became [...]


Model Highlight: When we had our model call it was our way of including our community in this idea and campaign of “ONE”ness. We wanted to put our fellow Sierra Leoneans on display [...]

Discovering Sierra Leonean Talent!

Sierra Leoneans are a group of talented and beautiful people, we just have to discover ourselves. We would like to say thank you and show our appreciation to everyone here in this photo who [...]

ONE Campaign

[PRESS PLAY] ‪#‎TribeONE‬ is who we are and we embodied that throughout the preparation for this year’s campaign. We sought out Sierra Leonean creatives, models, vendors and more and let us [...]

Open MIC Call

Open MIC Call! Calling all creatives in the Sierra Leonean Diaspora! DMV, NY, NJ, ATL, CA, etc… We are so much more talented than we give ourselves credit for and The GWB Commission is [...]

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